by Richard Mizdal

  • The Serigraphs displayed here range from 4 to 48 colored layers with sizes stated in their descriptions.


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Selected Exhibitions

13-06 East End Arts Council, Riverhead, NY

13-91 Sandra Neustadter, Delray Beach, FL

3/07, 1/06, 10/05 Color covers and interviews / Dan’s Papers

07-05 Cecily’s Love Lane Gallery, Mattituck, NY

07-04 Gallery Pelar, Greenport NY

05,03 Quogue Library, Quogue,NY

04-98 Works Gallery, NYC

99, 96 Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton,NY

99, 98  Clayton Liberatore Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY

01-97 Clark Fine Art, Southampton, NY

94-93 Hampton Square Gallery, Westhampton Beach, NY

99-92 Gallery East, East Hampton, NY

01-89 Wyckoff Gallery, Wyckoff, NJ

91-82 RVS Gallery, Southampton, NY

90-89 Hobe Sound Gallery, Hobe Sound, FL                          

90-82 Sandra K. Bertsch Fine Art, Oyster Bay, NY

89-88 Vered Gallery, Easthampton, NY                          

86 Friends Academy, Locust Valley, NY

85 Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ

97, 84  Parrish Museum, Southampton, NY

84 Time/Life, Rockefeller Center, New York, NY

84 Amazoni Gallery, Trump Tower, New York, NY

82-79 Gallery Madison 90, New York, NY

81 112 Green Street, Soho, New York, NY

81-79 Corporate Art Directions, New York, NY

76 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, New York, NY

70-69 Combat Artist-Photographer and Correspondent, U.S. Army, Viet Nam

68 National Academy of Design, New York, NY

Teaching Experience

13- 00 Associate Professor Photographic Imaging Suffolk County Community College,NY

05  NY State Chancellor of Education Award for teaching excellence at college level

04- 00  Coordinator of Photographic Imaging Program, Suffolk County Community College,NY 00- 91  Adjuct VA/PI instructor, Suffolk County Community College,NY

Corporate and Public Collections

A.T.& T., 23 paintings            

Atlantic County Government, Atlantic County, NJ

California Museum of Photography

Video Artists International, NY

Private Collections

Bill Beutel, WABC

Gerry Byrne, Editor, Variety

Arthur C. Davis, former U.S. Ambassador to Panama            

Marilyn Horne

Mr. & Mrs. Sherman R. Lewis, Jr.

Stephen Rubin, President &Publisher, Doubleday Books

Beverly Sills


1967   Skowhegan School of Painting, Skowhegan, ME            

1967   M.A. Creative Arts in Painting, New York University, New York, NY

1966   B.A. Fine Arts Ed., Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ

Selected Reviews

"Mr. Mizdal's "windows on the world"...are always a pleasure to see.  We are forced to consider what his spatial references are, formed by both the canvas and his windows- simply speaking, his frames-within-frames.  They signify both confinement and freedom.... Even in the wide open spaces, Mr. Mizdal is attracted to closure."

-- Dan's Papers, 1998

"Mr. Mizdal is best known for his combination of interior and exterior, with gardens, skies or water views presented through a window format that permits a scaffolding of architectural elements.  'Morning Clerestory' is the most successful work in  Certainly the most dramatic canvas is 'Draped Window,' with its wind-driven billowing white curtain.

-- The New York Times
August 1, 1993

"Richard Mizdal's paintings have always gripped me by their heightened sense of presence.  I'm always challenged and ready for the surprises he has in store in terms of perspective, light and color.  What I was unprepared for is his rapid growth in the past few years.  I think we are seeing Mizdal at a particularly rich and inventive period; he takes chances galore and they work.  What lies ahead for this wonderful, productive artist is now -- given the galloping growth process -- impossible to predict."

-- Stephen Rubin
President & Publisher, Henry Holt, 2013

"Richard Mizdal's paintings explore the structure of light and matter with an ever evolving subtlety and sophistication revealing not only a mature grasp of the techniques of master painting, but a vision and understanding of nature that is truly remarkable today."

-- Henry Berg
Deputy Director, The Guggenheim Museum, 1984

"The emotional range of the paintings currently at the Vered Gallery in East Hampton [encompasses] cool scrutiny, as Mizdal.  Mr. Mizdal's precisely architected view of the beach and its horizon, a knife-line under a clump of cloud, in pristine light as if from a diamond, is seen through the rectangle and grid of the window.

     "The sheer facility,...distinct and encapsulated in his...imagery, is impressive.  The intriguing aspect of Mr. Mizdal's reality is that it is so real; it's almost too good to be true.  Its heightened state of being is charged with speculation, the fragment framed in the window, its own universe."

-- Rose C. S. Slivka
"From The Studio," The East Hampton Star
October 6, 1988

"...Richard Mizdal's paintings push reality beyond the bounds of observation....  The trompe l'oeil effect of extreme realism is given an unexpected push toward fantasy in these intriguing works, showing that the artist, for all his fascination with accurate detail, has the capacity to make us question whether we can really believe our eyes."

-- The New York Times
September 20, 1987

"There is no question that the exhibition's strongest qualities are evident in the use of light, sense of place and space and highly mastered technique.  In fact, technique is almost overpowering -- one is drawn to examining such things as 'dazzling' brushstrokes, sensitive handling of contrasting painterly passages, and other aspects of craft.  Light effects established in window panes and bouncing off architectural structures provide additional engaging richness....  The artist assists the viewer to see it all with minimum effort and maximum ease...."

-- The Southampton Press,  June 23, 1988

"Richard Mizdal is a realist artist whose paintings go far beyond reproducing what one sees in nature.  Through a dramatic interplay of light and shadow, a selective eye that rearranges reality according to his own perceptions, and a masterful technique, Mizdal reveals a world which passes from objects seen to levels of understanding that make his work uniquely his own."

-- Arthur Satz
President Emeritus, New York School of Interior Design, 2013

"...the windows [depicted] themselves are ultimately not what these paintings are about.  Nor...are the outside scenes....  [They] are personal responses to...the essential forms and forces of nature.  The open windows invite us to fly freely into the warm, sunlit air, acting as symbols for a felt, but ultimately undefined, sense of release, a means of merging with the elements."

-- The Southampton Press
 July 5, 1985


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